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-three starts since 1978. college football tell host in washington. and washington's bishop sakey scores on the first yard touchdown run a. 21-13 washington. four minutes left in the game zack maynard is tackled. they twisted tackle release on top of them. last chance for come to tie it up with a touchdown a two-point conversion. but on a fourth- down backup quarterback allen preferred overthrows is receiver. tedford and the bears are known officially out of bolting contention at 3-7. also, richard seymour find raiders defensive tackle has been fight again. for the hits on chiefs quarterback matt cassel in the raiders win over the chiefs sunday. seymour was fined $15,750 for the " unnecessary late hit ". the chiefs called the raiders a dirty teens. seymour has been fined before, most ladies thnoticeablr the late hit on the steelers' quarterback ben rothenberger's, last year. >> the new york city marathon cancelled. also, the hockey at ann arbor stadium... causing more headaches for hockey fans. with no game schedule in january. >> you were talking about the oakland raiders tickets those
in washington and colorado. >> more evidence of an increasingly liberal elect toreet, same sex har rim is approved -- same-sex marriage is approved. >> i didn't run to make history. i ran to make a difference. >> on the other side, republican appeals to traditional values fell flat in indiana and missouri. even red state voters rejected senate candidates for their extreme antiabortion views. back in washington, house republican leader bay nerd acknowledged that the political wins may be shifting. >> if there's a mandate in yesterday's results, it's a mandate for us to find a way to work together for the lieutions that we all face as a nation. >> coming up tonight, could we be adding another star to the american flag. the little known outcome from yesterday's election. plus, coming up late in the broadcast, one of the nba's finest young players, irving. and also have fun with the 49ers. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this m
and washington. if any of the measures are successful for gays and lesbians couples it will be the first time it is legalized by a popular vote. maine could be the first. those in minnesota will vote on whether or not to ban guam gay marriage but allow civil unions. tuesday's election will be the first time voters dialed in. >> that was jr stone. six states and washington, d.c. legalized same-sex marriage. and a reminder, kron 4 news will have live coverage on election night, starts at 8:00 p.m. tuesday night and stay updated on www.kron.com as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. >>> it was an unusually warm day today. temperatures record breaking. 79 degrees at sfo. same in oakland, san jose, and santa rosa. 84 degrees. which was higher than the previous records. it was warm today and we have another warm day tomorrow. clear skies over night. fog is responsible near the coast line. sunny and warm tomorrow but changes later this week. what you can expect coming up. >>> new tonight at 11:00 three women arrested in the death of a child at a child care facility on october 23. police received
. the stormy weather and cold weather is bottled up from alaska's washington, slowly going to make its way towards us. midweek, cooler temperatures and the chance for rain fall of later but in the meantime gorgeous. sunday, sunshine, mid upper 70's with low 80s for the south bay. the east bay valleys, 70's and mid-70s by the bay. and low 70's and even some 80s popping up into the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay low 80s inland and possibly record high temperatures. sharply cooler on wednesday and thursday that is when the storm system will the clouds and rain that could stick around until friday. >> this pilot turned hero just how glory can turn to controversy and a kung fu treasurer hot and in an animated film " no showing ". >> " flight " denzel washington is credited and saving passengers but this turns to skepticism when they see troubling details. >> you have alcohol in your system that could be likened present. that is rated r. the russell crowe is back on the big screen with his latest picture the man with the iron fist. jackknife is the character. the quest for gold quic
courtroom today. 24-year-old darnell washington and his wife, tanya, killed 55-year-old suzie koh. it all happened during a crime spree last month. they were arrested days later after they were spotted driving her car. they are facing nine felony counts. >>> fran is preparing to become -- san francisco is preparing to become the first u.s. city to provide and cover the cost for sex-realignment surgery for insured transgender residents. it would create a program to treat transgender people who are experiencing gender identity issues. officials say the new transgender health initiative will be in effect later next year. >>> new tonight at 11:00, firefighters control a major house fire in san francisco's monterey heights neighborhood. the call came in about 6:30 this evening. they found a home engulfed in flames. hoses had to be relayed from hydrants as far as 3 blocks away! the cause will take some time to determine. but a lot of construction materials were near the home when the crews arrived. there were no injuries reported. >>> at 11:00, seven members of the secretive navy seal team 6 i
bob melvin. davey johnson of washington the eg winner. they had the best record in baseball. 98-64. the graphics. you'll see bouchee along with dusty baker way behind davey johnson. third in the manager of the year battling. >>> local collegiate hoops. cal going up and down. allen crab had 33 points and 6 rebounds. and in the back court he was joined by justin cobb. they combine for 56 points. 23 of his own. 79-62 cal. elsewhere locally. san jose state loses by 2 to houston. >>> big national game. i still hate lateener. that was 1993 if i'm not mistaken when he hit the miracle shot to beat kentucky. archie good wynn doing his thing there. all freshmen for kentucky. seth curry, look at the move. seth had 23 points. >>> latest on warrior andrew bogut. he'll miss two weeks with his recovering ankle. big doings in new york. you hear this all the time when new york teams are playing well it's better for the entire league. carmelo anthony, you know his wife was just on the b.e.t. awards, lala. i get a kick out of lala. carmelo had 25 points. they immove to 5-0. the knicks last time th
in a fire in washington state. >> that doesn't prove it is not a good choice but it prompts more question about corrosion. >> reporter: they want chevron to explain why they are not using stainless steel with 18% chromium. >> hard to predict how fast corrosion occurs. that is why it is so important to use the safest possible materials in the piping. they have issued chevron a subpoena. they have till december 7 to answer the questions, specifically, about their decision making process, why they chose one type of pipe instead of the other. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>> so far we have stayed dry out there tonight as we look outside from radar. north bay in the clear from the rain. you can see rain approaching the north by the north. -- north bay to the north. most rain is in northern california but it is expected to sag south into the north bay so your morning commute, spotty showers north of the golden gate bridge. dry south of the golden gate bridge. showers to the north bay in the morning, into the evening another round of rain. we will time it out and look at your thanksgiving forecast c
in the duct work at the u.s. statement department in washington to stay. it started this morning on construction crews. a spokesperson for the d.c. fire department said that it was put out quickly. one person did suffer life- threatening injuries not that many at the state department because of how the weekend. >> when congress returns after their holiday. there will take up the issue of the limit the scope let. and just a few weeks for physical clef issues. with spending cuts. we have the latest on the fiscal cliff. >> after meeting with president obama before the thanksgiving holiday. >> let the bulk of the congressional leadership. >> congressional leaders reached optimism levels of spending cuts and tax increases for next year. >> we have a very constructive president with the president to talk about the economic problems. >> with a cornerstone to work something out. >> they have been working common ground to bring in more tax revenue and reduced spending on programs like medicare but it is not that clear what lawmakers or when there will meet next. even if some progress is m
the award. clayton kershaw, the dodgers second. washington gio gonzalez finished third. and price of tampa bay won the american league cy young award. david price winning the al cy. >>> all signs point toward alex smith starting versus chicago on monday night. he was on the field today wearing a "don't touch me" jersey. he passed all his concussion tests. and he says i'm feeling pretty good. >> just going along in the process right now. nothing has been decided. this is a long process. doing what they tell me, and moving along. contact obviously i think is the final straw. but yeah, i was able to go out there today and had the black jersey on me which was a little redundant. but i felt good out there. >> and the 49ers are off sunday because the game is on monday. an extra day for smith to get ready. >>> san jose, sports hall of fame, welcomed in four new members. brandy chastain, steve barcowski areas, and roger -- and willy t. ribs. he broke the indianapolis 500 color barrier in 1991. he's always ready to go. we asked is there a comeback in him? >> no, gary. i'm not llcool-j. [ laughter ]
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